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South African recipes stem from a unique blend of multiple cultures, so diverse that you might find it hard to choose between them!

South African Frikkadels

If you think Frikkadels — think South African meat balls.

South African Frikkadels

The following is a tomato frikkadel recipe.

4 medium tomatoes
2 large onions
30 ml sunflower oil (2 T)
1 kg minced beef
50 g oats (½ c)
125 ml milk (½ c)
30 ml brown vinegar (2 T)
15 ml Worcestershire sauce (1 T)
10 ml salt (2 t)
1 ml pepper (¼ t)
125 ml water (½ c)
30 ml cream of tomato soup powder (2 T)

Instructions on how to make it:

Preheat the oven to 180 °C. Peel the tomatoes and onions and chop roughly. Braise in the sunflower oil until soft. Mix half of the tomato and onion mixture lightly with the minced beef and the oats. Add the milk, brown vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper and mix together well.

Shape large frikkadels (can be shaped into round balls or flattened with a fork) from the mixture and place them quite close together in a shallow, ovenproof dish with a volume of about 2,5 litres. Mix the water and soup powder and pour it over the frikkadels. Cover the dish. Bake for an hour. Spoon the remaining tomato and onion mixture over the frikkadels.

Makes 14 large frikkadels

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