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South African recipes stem from a unique blend of multiple cultures, so diverse that you might find it hard to choose between them!

South African Boerewors

Making your own South African Boerwors isn’t at all difficult, it just takes a bit of time.

Delightful to eat, the South African Boerewors are another of the delicious and traditional foods of South Africa.

South African BoereworsSo many people make their own that there are now commercially prepared spices that are available to you to use when you make your own version of this barbecued sausage. Spice ingredients called Droewors Spices, Boerewors spicing mixture, as well as sometimes biltong spices are used in the making of the Boerewors. Boerewors are sausages which are thick and fat, and respond well to cooking on the grill, or as they call it in South Africa, the Braai.

The recipe that is below offers a very large output of your Boerewors, but you can half it, or the sausage does freeze well.

Traditional South African cuisine, the making of Boerewors is as varied as the many people who make it, and is made with various types of meat as well.

Their are a wide array of Boerewors recipes out there, with one of the most easily made offered here.


* 10 lbs lean ground beef or minced chuck.
* 2 lb of coarsely minced pork, or you can sub for this with turkey if you like.
* 3 lb pork fat which is minced coarsely
* Sausage casings ( real or artificial your choice)
* 4 tbs salt
* 1 tbs pepper
* 3 tbs finely ground coriander
* 1 tbs finely ground cloves
* 1 tbs red pepper
* 1 1/2 tbs nutmeg
* 4/5 cup vinegar


Mix all the ingredients together but leave out the vinegar. Let it stand for about an hour and then you will add the vinegar. Mix it all again and them stuff the casings for your sausages.

Your Boerewors are going to be absolutely delicious and do tend to be their absolute best when they are grilled. If you choose to make them en mass, then bear in mind that you can make them well ahead because Boerewors freeze well.

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